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Toddler Area

The Toddler Zone is a place for toddlers to bounce where only they are allowed. The Toddler Zone is surrounded by safety netting on three siddes, it has a stepped viewing area for parents to watch from and has a number of smaller trampolines.

£3.50 per hour - requires Gravity safety socks and a waiver signed by parent or legal guardian. UNDER 5's ONLY.

You may also be interested in our Parent & Toddler sessions, where the whole park is reserved for you and your toddler to play in safety with no older kids around. Evey last Friday of the month come is a Themed Parent & Toddler session with fancy dress and other activities. Go to Buy Tickets>Parent and Toddler

We also now offer a Subway Parent & Toddler Party - go to Book a Party.

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OUR AGE LIMITS ARE: Under 18mth: not allowed on the activity areas at any time | 18mth but under 5: must be accompanied by an adult at all times and one adult can accompany up to two children | 5 but under 13: allowed unaccompanied, but must be supervised | 13 but under 18: allowed unaccompanied and unsupervised


SAFETY AGREEMENTS: You need a signed, in-date safety agreement for EVERY visit. Under 18s need a safety agreement signed by their parent or legal guardian. Online safety agreements are valid for 12 months


GRAVITY SAFETY SOCKS: ALL participants need GRAVITY SAFETY SOCKS. Buy socks online or bring your clean GRAVITY SOCKS if you already have them. Sm or Md for under 10's, Lg or XXL for adults


CHECK-IN: Please arrive 20-30 minutes before your booked time to check in. Bring your booking reference number and safety agreement number with you to speed up the check-in